Recent Posts

Nested Menus     Apr 2016

An update to the Monstra core menu plugin which adds capabilities for multiple nested levels in turn allowing for creation of drop down menus on your site.

Coming soon ...

Bootstrap Markdown Editor     Dec 2015

A plugin that adds the Bootstap Mark down editor to Monstra CMS enabling simple and easy content editing

Disqus Commenting     Oct 2015

Disqus is an established platform making it an easy, convenient and simple way of adding a comments section to you blog, with features for filtering and comment management with a single sign-on feature that crosses thousands of sites it is highly usable for both the site visitor and modorator.

Basic Form Authentication     Oct 2015

A basic form authentication class that allows for easy and simple form authentication. There are only a few preset option the simplest of which is required. The main functionality is provided through regex checking and callback function which make things very expandable. Bootstrap's error classes are used for styling.

Google Analytics     Jun 2015

A plugin that adds your sites Google Analytics to the Monstra dashboard.